Day 2.5. I love this in between stage of job hunting. I’ve had one interview at Boral which I am very interested in. If I have impressed enough I may progress to interview number two of three.

I’ve decided to try to find a role that is also benefiting my fellow human beings and not just me for once.

The not-for-profit job market is just as competitive as the for-profit job. I honestly thought the not-for-profit arena would be more desperate and look at anyone who showed any interest but no, that is not the case. They know who they want and who they don’t want. Just like the for-profit market.

So far I have had an equal submission rate for jobs in both markets with about the same rejection rate. That rate is about 85%. I’ve submitted about 40 job applications over the last two weeks and so I’m expecting the interview offers to start up in earnest over the next few days as the closing dates for job applications are being reached.

As they say,it’s a numbers game.