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Here I am week 2.5, one interview down but a no-go for interviews number two and three for that particular job. Damn.

Oh well, I’m still secretly enjoying my time off, kind of like a holiday but more fun as there’s no packing and I get to play with all my toys all day! Yay!

Still, I’d actually like to be working to fund more of my latest and greatest hobby, 35mm film photography and film developing (B&W so far but soon to include colour 35mm film).

Here’s a sample of some of my black and white film photos taken on my newly arrived old Canon A1 (vintage 1978 35mm film camera of awesomeness).




I am still looking for my next role, seriously. I have an option of a job in Canberra to investigate further as well.

There are some other roles in Sydney that will require a little more time to bring into focus for me though.

I anticipate some further interviews coming up in the next few days. I have enough funding for about another two weeks, then it will get somewhat desperate. Anyone willing to send me some cash at that point?

I’ll keep you posted.