Well, I’m still here applying for every job I can find in Project Management.

It seems the organisations I have applied for roles with are still making up their minds on when they will actually need a Project Manager to start. I’m patient; I can wait. Actually, who am I kidding; I have to wait.

One interview in 2.71 weeks.

Not my best result.

There’s always the weekend and then Monday.

In the meantime, I AM LOVING THE CANON A1!

I’ve been shooting with some cheapish Kodak Ultramax 400 colour 35mm film. I can’t wait to see the results but I’ll need to order the C-41 kit to develop the rolls. This In turn requires that I have a job to fund the new C-41 kit/hobby.

So, back to the job search … I’ll keep you posted.

I could always go busking I guess …

I was thinking of setting up a Kickstarter project to get me a job. Not sure the terms and conditions actually support this idea though.