Well, week 3.57 now. Funny how time flies when you’re … unemployed … and … LOVING IT!

Okay, liking it. Ah, who am I kidding … I need my next gig. Getting bored and funds are getting low.

It’s weird though … I’ve borrowed the complete Breaking Bad on DVD and working my way through that in between applying for jobs and talking to people and emailing and following up on phone calls/voice mails and refining my resume. I still have loads of episodes to get through! And a stack more job applications. Time is still an issue.

Even with all this time on my hands I am struggling to get through all the episodes … I can see why these shows are played only once a week on free to air; we’d never go to work! What an awesome show though!

Okay, okay … that was my attempt at humour (I can see I needed to spell it out for everyone, so I may have to leave humour alone until I am actually being funny. I’ll get back to you on that one, no really, I will).

I’ve got some interest from some of the corporates out there but no definite interviews just yet. I’ve posted about my one interview with Boral in Prospect; but unfortunately, that didn’t progress (ah, it happens – I’m at one with my universe – it’s got something better for me – that’s my story and it’s my universe so I’m sticking with that line).

I’m meeting with some really good people from agencies on Wednesday next week in Sydney and I’ve been talking with a lot of people regarding jobs coming up with the larger companies I’ve worked with previously.

That reminds me. I visited Angel Place in Sydney (just next to Australia Square [which is actually round] – now that’s funny!). It’s an awesome place. Check out the photo:
There are some gorgeous coffee shops and eateries here too … you much check this out when you’re in Sydney; it’s literally between Pitt and George Streets in The City, but it feels like you’re a world away.

Now, back to my subject at hand; I’ve noticed some changes over time in the “career” aspect of life with larger corporate environments.

It used to be that people you knew could get you your next job, literally within a few days; that used to be the best way forward. I’m talking working life in the early 80’s with banks, mining companies or insurance companies. You’d still need a resume but more about your most recent work history and your friends and family connections.

Then the agencies were all the rage in the 90’s. Still needed a good resume though.

Then a combination of your mates in the agencies who would help you out with your next gig in the 00’s. The resume was still required.

Now, it’s a complete mess. There are few people who are willing to go out on a limb for their friends now. It’s all about going with the right agency who has exclusive rights to the corporation of choice for your next gig. Timing is critical. If you miss the budget approval timeframes for projects to kick off, then you pretty much need to wait a few months before getting another look in.

Also, if you choose the incorrect agency you may get excluded from the companies you would like to work with.

Now, for me, in the 201#’s, I stick with the people I like from the agencies and see where those connections take me. I guess, at the end of the day the gig that comes up comes up.

There is so much hit and miss and ad-hoc arranging in this working world now I don’t believe I can plan out who I am going to be working for until the offer(s) come in and it’s all too obvious at that stage. But in terms of attempting to plan out how that will unfold and with which particular company, I can’t do that anymore. It’s much, much more dynamic now. You need to be ready to roll with another gig when the company making a request for workers to complete their projects is ready.

Job interviews can also be the strangest example of human interaction. This adds another layer to the stress of an already stressful situation. “If you were a fish, what kind of fish would you be?”, or, “What are your weaknesses?”. I mean really? I’m going to tell you I go weak at the knees when I watch Michelle Pfeiffer in her Cat Women outfit? You think I’d tell that to a complete stranger (the way I am doing now)?

I’ll do that here (choosing to believe that most people in the world today have not and will not have read this post) but not in a job interview. Never ever.

Those inane questions, though, are a perfect recipe for keeping your mojo intact and for preparing you for the next really good gig/job. It provides a training ground to working out the best response to use with people asking those stupid questions. Once I had the gall to respond with, “You tell me yours first (weakness) and I’ll think about telling you mine”.

By the way, I was offered that job.

So, hopefully, next week, I can report on there being more activity (and some more progress on getting through the Breaking Bad series; what an awesome show!).

Until next time, keep on working while I take it easy.