So, I’m halfway through week 4 now of finding my next Project Management (PM) gig. Last time it took 7 weeks … I’m not so worried about it. You see, I have this crazy faith thing going in my life.

It totally works for me.

I can’t explain it very well; but I learnt how to live this life with much less stress over the three years I spent in Canberra with someone very dear to me.

I am feeling so relaxed now.

I’ve caught up with Breaking Bad on DVD from my local library. That was so good to watch the entire series with no ads and no breaks! I highly recommend catching up with great shows on DVD uninterrupted like that.

I went into the City on Wednesday (also heading into next Wednesday, I’m making it a weekly thing to see who I can meet up with and get some more leads).

One of the new (to me) people I met was Terry Cook from FinXL. Great guy and I caught up again with Julie Cooper also from FinXL (great gal). We had a hot chocolate and talked work and life and stuff. We were in Australia Square and I took some photos which I’ll post once I develop them.

Terry was telling me there is a role that is coming up with NBN Co (the company I just left – well, 4.57 weeks ago that is). So, I’ll try to get back in via Terry. It would be nice to catch up with the guys I worked with.

I also applied for some roles online via Seek. Literally four minutes after submitting my resume via the Seek web site, Steve Stewart gave me a call from AmbitionIT with news on one of the roles I applied for.

Steve was talking to me about a PM role going with a healthcare/retirement company in Sydney’s CBD. Initially, Steve was saying I wasn’t a good match, then I pointed out what I was doing and what I had done and it turns out that I’m a perfect match. I’ve put my name forward for that role. It pays to speak up when things are not as they seem.

There are a few roles going locally too. One is with the Campbelltown City Council (a Business Solutions Analyst). So, I’ve applied for that one as well. The pay is pretty low but it would be nice to work locally and it fits in with an idea I heard about for working; get paid less, buy less stuff, spend more time with the people I love, be more focussed on others and reap the rewards of having a much more balanced and love filled life.

I recently listened to Clay Christensen who has written a book, “How Will You Measure Your Life?”. He is saying things like no working on Saturday or Sunday at all and never working beyond 6:00pm from Monday to Friday. Which is exactly what I would love to do to live a balanced life. So here goes, I’ll give it a try while I have the opportunity to look for my next awesome role. It may end in tears but at least I’ll be able to say I tried that idea and either 1: it worked, or 2: it didn’t work.

So, back to work now finding more work. It’s weird you know, I’ve put all our major bills on hold for about a month (bank mortgage on the house loan, car payments – paying the minimum, delayed water and electricity for as long as I can) and I’ve still got about $2k “in my mattress” and with my wife still working there is enough money coming in to get by on the basics for a number of weeks into the future.

As a result, we’re talking a bit more as a family (we always talked before – just a little more now, so it gets loud at dinner time – but hey, that’s what it’s for right?), we’re spending more time together (I was playing football with my youngest daughter over the last few weeks – teaching her how to kick and pass a football AFL style [Google it] more accurately and you wouldn’t believe it; she came top of her class of boys and girls in soccer ball kicking and passing accuracy tests; twice!). Her confidence is through the roof now! I love it! If I was working like I used to I wouldn’t have been able to spend that time with her. I’m glad I am not working just to be able to do this.

It’s worth the wait if I can spend more time with my girls like this. I love being a positive influence in my family’s life.

Hence, my patience with the next gig.

Just to labour this point; the thing I am appreciating about living next to the Pacific Ocean is Pacific time. The island nations (Samao, Fiji) they live by Pacific Time. Everything slows down; the agenda is, there is no agenda.

There is no need to plan to the nth degree when living in Pacific Time. Strange for a Project Manager to think like that, I’m sure. But there you have it. It’s one of the more secret things of a life worth living I believe.

Just. Live. Life.