I’m feeling pretty alone right now.

I’m tired and so I’m not really thinking as well as I usually do (well, I think I think okay most of the time; maybe I should think that through some more).

I thought I had someone I could talk with and share my feelings with going through this thing we call life.

But I was wrong.

I’m a lot more sensitive than I thought especially so when I get tired.

So, feeling alone right now.

I snapped at the people I care about most when I felt like I wasn’t being cared about.

I said things I really don’t like saying.

See how many “I’s” there are; that’s a sure sign of a lot of selfish thinking.

I’m tired and feeling down and selfish.

Time to go to bed.

There’s always tomorrow to make amends.

So, I’ll do that tomorrow and go on pretending through this life, so some peace is kept.


There is P.S.

P.S. All is well with the world. These selfish feelings pass and love conquers all.