A while ago now, in fact, 31st August, 2013 … to be precise; 3:00am. This is when the idea came to me (like out of a dream, seriously) and I started black boarding the idea and writing it down in The Schack (my man cave).

This just sounds so weird. I’ll probably regret this.

Anyway, I still think this will work even with Apple Pay released in the USA already.

I don’t have the resources to get this going on my own; I’ve toyed with the idea of Kickstarter and approaching venture capitalists and actually approached a large very well know Australian bank to help me to get this idea going with their backing and I’ve also met with some funding people in Sydney (I even cold called Google – see their response below):

Here are my initial drawings and ideas and thoughts.


This is like my evil plan v1.21 to take over the financial world. So, you’re the probably twenty-fifth person that I’ve shared this idea with.

If it works, well, you’ll be reading about it on the Internet soon.

More to come.