This old story is now over. A new story begins.

I’ve very recently been offered three jobs over as many days. One was paying an extremely good rate. One was offering a great package and one was offering less pay but the promise of a great match to some core ideas for life and work. It sounds a bit like the three bears story doesn’t it?

So, I took the last role paying less but offering more of a closer match to some personal life ideas. Although this role was actually offered first. The agencies offering the other roles wanted to put me forward for the other roles in case the first offer fell through for whatever reason (hey, it does happen).

Anyway, long story short, I have a new role and I’m loving it so far.

This story will now morph into an on-going journal of an on-going journey.

It’s so weird how job stuff works out. And I’m amazed at how little you can survive on for quite some time. I put everything (mortgage in particular) on hold and just kept on plugging away on job hunting while doing all the fun things I always wanted to do.

For example, my buying that old 35mm camera and taking heaps of photos and learning how to develop them myself or applying for acceptance into the Sydney School of Arts (yay, I got in) or starting to write a book, continuing drawing, recording some songs, starting a pod-casting career (Talk Earth Life), interviewing my mum (for the podcast above). It’s been great fun! I would highly recommend taking time out like this on a regular basis. There is so much trust that can be developed along the way. So much great learning and fun to be had with so much spare time.

It’s incredible how little attachment I have put into work now. Yet, I am more committed and motivated than I can remember. Yes, it may be because of the time out of work but I honestly can’t remember the last time I felt so stress free around work.

One of the other things I’ve picked up is meditation. Only 5 minutes in the morning so far; imagine what the outcomes may be after I build up to 20 minutes per day!

We’ll discuss this in another post.