The most amazing thing has happened from the most unlikely event over the last few days.
How can these questions below get answered and transform my life so much?
1) Why am I here?
2) What will I do now I know why I am here?
3) How will I do those things while I am here?
First, the answers (these are my answers alone, you work out your own answers for your life to be transformed too):
1) The why question: To (with the best of my ability at every moment in time), totally enjoy my life for it’s own sake. Enjoy it. Just because.
2) The what question: What I want to do (to the best of my ability at every moment in time), is to be able to look back on my life from this point forward knowing I have done all I could to be loving to those around me, patient and kind and to engage in what it is I do every day with 100% purpose and to make my reality as beautiful as I can … Moment by moment.
3) The how question: To (with the best of my ability at every moment), work out with what I have available to me to make 1) & 2) happen until I am no longer living in my skin and bone body. Moment by moment, day by day.
How did these thoughts come about? That’s a story for another time.
The initial, first, root cause, underlying basic point is that to be able to get to answer those big questions, we need to be so sick of our pretend lives that we’re willing to break through and start understanding why our lives are empty or not fulfilling in the first place.
Let’s it call it “getting real”.
I got real when I let a good friend down terribly. I was feeling very sorry for my thoughtless words and actions and didn’t know how to make things right. I knew I was at fault and no one else for my entire life choices right up to that point (and now for the remainder of my life). It’s my life. I am responsible for how I respond to what happens at every single chance I get to respond, in any way I am able to. Whether that’s through no response, my words or my actions.
Then, I realised I have to change something. My responses have been inappropriate for a long time now.
Time to change.
It’s just not possible to change others but it is possible to want to change yourself and to find ways to make permanent life changes to the core beliefs and default thinking of our brains.
Once I realised this I started gathering advice from all kinds of sources over the Internet.
The best thought was this; “I don’t need permission for me to live my life the way I want to live it”.
This is my life. It’s been given to me. No one else can live it the way I want to. If someone tries to do that (or I seek someone else to tell me how to live it) I will be fundamentally unhappy in that life. So, I choose to live my life now based on what I want to do with it. When I want to do with it whatever I please as well.
The next was; how do I want to live it? “Well”, or “unwisely”? I chose “well” and “wisely”. There are few binary, mutually exclusive choices. I want to live a real and authentically good full life to be proud of it when I looked back on it on my death bed.
My dream now is for some pimply kid looking for answers to life’s big questions, to find me on my death bed, with my worn out body and active mind and sparkle in my eye. That kid will see me and want to know how I still have a sparkle in my eye when I know I’m about to die. I want to lead that kind of life now where people notice something else is going on in that guys life. And to carry that through right into the next life with me wherever I may go. That is my dream, to pass on this gift to anyone seeking answers to those big life questions.
And then the thought hit me, why not now tackle those big questions myself now (the ones I started with, the why, what and how questions). So, I did.
And now, we’re back to the start.
I thought for this exercise, starting at the end of my life would help me find the clarity of thought to bring me to the starting point of how I could start re-living my life right now.
This could then get me to that point where at the end, I could die knowing I lived it to the full, with no regrets and hopefully be able to help others along the way to also live their life to the full with no regrets.
Oh, and the answer is love. Why we’re here, what it’s all about … It’s just love.