A Most Amazing Insight …

The most amazing thing has happened from the most unlikely event over the last few days.
How can these questions below get answered and transform my life so much?
1) Why am I here?
2) What will I do now I know why I am here?
3) How will I do those things while I am here?
First, the answers (these are my answers alone, you work out your own answers for your life to be transformed too):
1) The why question: To (with the best of my ability at every moment in time), totally enjoy my life for it’s own sake. Enjoy it. Just because.
2) The what question: What I want to do (to the best of my ability at every moment in time), is to be able to look back on my life from this point forward knowing I have done all I could to be loving to those around me, patient and kind and to engage in what it is I do every day with 100% purpose and to make my reality as beautiful as I can … Moment by moment.
3) The how question: To (with the best of my ability at every moment), work out with what I have available to me to make 1) & 2) happen until I am no longer living in my skin and bone body. Moment by moment, day by day.
How did these thoughts come about? That’s a story for another time.
The initial, first, root cause, underlying basic point is that to be able to get to answer those big questions, we need to be so sick of our pretend lives that we’re willing to break through and start understanding why our lives are empty or not fulfilling in the first place.
Let’s it call it “getting real”.
I got real when I let a good friend down terribly. I was feeling very sorry for my thoughtless words and actions and didn’t know how to make things right. I knew I was at fault and no one else for my entire life choices right up to that point (and now for the remainder of my life). It’s my life. I am responsible for how I respond to what happens at every single chance I get to respond, in any way I am able to. Whether that’s through no response, my words or my actions.
Then, I realised I have to change something. My responses have been inappropriate for a long time now.
Time to change.
It’s just not possible to change others but it is possible to want to change yourself and to find ways to make permanent life changes to the core beliefs and default thinking of our brains.
Once I realised this I started gathering advice from all kinds of sources over the Internet.
The best thought was this; “I don’t need permission for me to live my life the way I want to live it”.
This is my life. It’s been given to me. No one else can live it the way I want to. If someone tries to do that (or I seek someone else to tell me how to live it) I will be fundamentally unhappy in that life. So, I choose to live my life now based on what I want to do with it. When I want to do with it whatever I please as well.
The next was; how do I want to live it? “Well”, or “unwisely”? I chose “well” and “wisely”. There are few binary, mutually exclusive choices. I want to live a real and authentically good full life to be proud of it when I looked back on it on my death bed.
My dream now is for some pimply kid looking for answers to life’s big questions, to find me on my death bed, with my worn out body and active mind and sparkle in my eye. That kid will see me and want to know how I still have a sparkle in my eye when I know I’m about to die. I want to lead that kind of life now where people notice something else is going on in that guys life. And to carry that through right into the next life with me wherever I may go. That is my dream, to pass on this gift to anyone seeking answers to those big life questions.
And then the thought hit me, why not now tackle those big questions myself now (the ones I started with, the why, what and how questions). So, I did.
And now, we’re back to the start.
I thought for this exercise, starting at the end of my life would help me find the clarity of thought to bring me to the starting point of how I could start re-living my life right now.
This could then get me to that point where at the end, I could die knowing I lived it to the full, with no regrets and hopefully be able to help others along the way to also live their life to the full with no regrets.
Oh, and the answer is love. Why we’re here, what it’s all about … It’s just love.

Systems Thinking, Humankind and Contradictions:


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In the universe today there appear to be systems at work that work within systems that, in turn, work within other systems; each influencing each other to various degrees.

These systems within systems appear to be random chance, yet also appear to be of an intricate and extremely complicated and yet sophisticated nature that chance alone almost guarantees would never occur.

Ultimately, humankind are a result of these systems interacting or even being combined from these systems of contradictions. We exist because of these system’s interactions.

Sometimes we (as humankind collectively) come to incorrect conclusions when we observe our universe and experiments from within the systems we exist in and observe from.

Galileo thought about the systems he existed in. He observed and stated his correct ideas of our solar system of planets, only to be “corrected” by the prevailing incorrect assumptions of the time.

Ultimately though the truth is always revealed.

The hard truths of the majorly influencing systems will not be changed easily.

The star we revolve around, the tilt and spin of the third planet (our home Earth) from this star and the resultant seasons will remain fixed for as long as the star and its solar system remain intact and follow the observable laws of physics (as described by Newton and later Einstein and more recently Hawking).

Our temporary home is just that; temporary and our home. Underlying those two thoughts is the constant observation; change.

Change is the constant. Humankind appears to want to fight against changes that could bring about every opportunity that could be there to make improvements to the very systems we are influenced by and exist in.

By resisting changes to our existing observable systems (both humankind created and/or system influencing and resultant system changes naturally occurring) humankind may be frustrating themselves more than needs to be the case.

By example, a kind-hearted person with a lack of understanding about the lifecycle of a butterfly extricating itself from its chrysalis. Lending a helping hand by assisting its release, unnecessary damage is inflicted to a now crippled butterfly by removing the opportunity of difficulty to help build strength to a butterfly’s wings.

This is not to say, we could not get involved, but rather we could attempt to allow more time to learn more before assuming we have sufficient knowledge to now act.

Right now, our attempts at influencing and assisting our existing systems are proving difficult. We are acting before we know sufficiently what impact our influences to existing systems within systems will result in.

From our food supply to our mining techniques to our consumption of Earth’s resources to our modifications to genetic codes and right down to our project execution in our business; we are too impulsive.

Even to our accepting of one another. Before another human speaks we have decided whether we will like or dislike a stranger who is either like or dislike ourselves. Yet another system at work.

This is our default system thinking position; if you are like me, then there is a greater chance of my putting in the required effort to decide to like you. If you are not like me, then the effort required to decide to like you is left to power another decision.

Could we not allow more time to understand our systems of life support before we react? Are our systems of life support at such a level of immediate threat that we can not afford to investigate more thoroughly the resulting impacts?

Have we not learnt enough already from our lack of understanding and our over confidence in asbestos, tobacco, Exxon, cactus moth, the Great Barrier Reef, the dodo bird, whaling, war, space travel, radioactivity, atomic bombs, thalidomide, DDT, agent orange, fracking, murder, rape, terrorism, threats, meanness, lying, disdain, corruption, theft … There are many more examples where learning can be applied.

Our universal systems and systems within systems are still mysterious to most of us. If we could just allocate more time to more of us wondering about how systems are working together before we act, we could perhaps take advantage of the inevitable changes that naturally occur and just maybe improve the lives of the inhabitants of Earth rather than try to stop some changes from occurring in the first place as a default mentality.

Maybe even at a project level …

The Fonz Lives On. 21st Century Road Congestion vs The Sexiness of Motorbikes – This Is Global Folks


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This is it …

Motorbike riding is exhilarating! And sexy! 

And all the while, there’s also money to be saved and maybe even money to be made; read on.

For those concerned about safety, how about these statistics: passenger car occupants are more likely to be injured or die in accidents than motorcycle riders or even the driver of the car involved in an accident (don’t believe me, check the Australian Bureau of Statistics).

(See Reference 1 below).

Interestingly, drivers of cars are less likely to die or be injured than their passengers in car accidents.

Check the statistics for yourself online: 


Reference 1:
Source: Australian Transport Safety Bureau 21st May 2016. The data is a bit old but it will give you the basic idea.

Serious injury due to road crashes
In 2002 there were 22,248 people seriously injured in road crashes (table 22.22), a slight decrease compared with 2001. The highest number of people seriously injured were occupants of cars (51%), followed by motorcyclists (20%), bicyclists (11%) and pedestrians (11%).

The ratio of motorbikes to cars on our roads is around 1:20 currently (motorbike registrations make up 5% of registrations in Australia according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics but that figure includes buses and light trucks; so an even smaller proportion of total registrations). So this needs to be factored in with the numbers reported killed in motor accidents.

What about these fun facts: A motorcycle (without side-car) will legally transport up to two people at a time.
A car will legally transport up to 8 people (in some 4WD and people mover configurations) and for buses and single train carriages upwards of 60 to 200 people at a time. So on paper it would make sense to keep doing what we’re doing … Add more roads, trains and planes … Oh, and roads.

But … Consider this …

Almost all motorbikes have a rider (well, okay they all do when being ridden) and the majority of cars have only a single driver in them most of the time. So, all that potential utility wasted most of the time.
Buses (and trains for that matter) are even worse. Yes, they are packed at the start and end of the business days (during week days) … but, during the day and weekends they are mostly empty. Mmmm, much like our homes when we head off to work in the morning but that’s another rant (see the next scheduled article/rant about working from home making much more sense).

You know where this is going don’t you … Well, let’s cut to the chase.

While ever the ratio of motorbike registrations remains at around 5% of the total vehicle registrations in Australia, the motorbike riders will be enjoying the continued freedom of lane-filtering in all those congested cities around the world and strut their sexiness and fun of the ride while more and more roads are built for the car drivers to sit in their car park/roads and pay to wait to get to that job in the city on time.

Interesting additional fun fact: talking about cities, motorbike and scooter riders get free parking in the city of Sydney (yes, even in the CBD) all day every day. It seems we’re not the only ones catching on to the advantages of motorbikes. Saving money on that car by not driving it? Nope. You have to ask, why is the city of Sydney not asking motorbike riders to pay for their parking? Currently it is not unusual to pay towards $AUS20 per day to park a car somewhere in Sydney.
So, keep building those roads and the motorbike riders will use them really well. We love them. And we’ll park free too, no problems. I’m not convinced about the car drivers though.

Now, as for savings; an electric bike here in Sydney costs around $AUS8.5k (this is for a new electric bike including all on-road costs such as rego). It costs $AUS160 per year for full comprehensive insurance. And runs on electricity costing $AUS0.01 per kilometre (a small car like a Toyota Corolla runs at $0.09 per kilometre for petrol at around $AUS1.20 per litre). In Australia 1kWh of electricity costs around $AUS0.40.

The electric Fonzarelli electric moto bike is a new technology developed right here in Sydney. Check out http://www.fonzarelli.co – it’s like the Vespa meets 21st Century riding. Cool looks and extra cool technology. Think Tesla meets Vespa.
Interesting fun fact: the Tesla has minimal maintenance requirements. Check tyres, check break fluid levels and windscreen washer levels … Ummm, we’re done.

The same applies to all electric direct drive vehicles. No transmission, no gears, no belts, no exhaust pipes, no oil, no petrol … Did I forget anything? This applies to the Fonzarelli too.

Now, unlike the Tesla, the Fonz is designed for urban commuting and not meant for highway riding.
With a top cruising speed of 70 km/hr and burst speed (via the Forza button – think nitro-boost) of 75km/hr for 10 seconds (it’s actually really cool – once you try it you’ll be hooked) the Fonz is a city dweller.

With this in mind, it has a reverse function to get into tight spots behind you or spots on hilly bits and runs off a 1.6kwh Li-Ion 72 volt rechargeable battery. Or two.

That’s right, it can store two batteries under the seat to give a total range of between 80 and 100 kilometres at 50 and 70 km/hr respectively (depending on how urgently you ride).

The batteries are good for 40 kilometres of hard riding each (or 50 kilometres of soft/gentle riding). You’ll need to physically disconnect the power cable and signal cable (this drives the power connection for the dash and controls) from the spent battery and reconnect to the still charged second battery but this takes only seconds to complete.
Charge time for the spent battery is 3.5 hours from flat to full or 1 hour charging gives you 80% full. This is via the optional extra fast charger ($400). The standard charger will do the same but takes 7.5 hours to fully charge the battery from flat to full). One hour will give you about 75% charge.

It will perform like a fast Corolla or Pulsar. 0 – 60 km/hr in around 6 seconds. With the Forza button the 0 – 60 km/hr test will take about 3 seconds. It definitely keeps up with (and often out-runs) the traffic around town.
Don’t ride the Fonz in 80 km/hr zones; you’ll annoy everyone as it just can’t get to 80 km/hr.

With all that, love that ride … Oh and please keep building roads Australia, so those motorcyclists can speed through the traffic to the free parking in the cities and really get out and enjoy what cities like Sydney have to offer. 

Oh and did I mention the fun factor and pure sexiness of it?

Love that ride.

How To Win & Lose People

So, here’s what happened to lose a friend and reform the friendship from an old and good friend.

First let me describe my personality a little bit. I’m a born rebel (not so much a trouble-maker like a bikie; more someone who likes to do what they like to do; whatever that may be and someone who doesn’t like being told what to do.

If anyone is doing something that can be taken as “this is the only way to do something”, I’ll be that guy who has to find an alternative way to do it … even though my way may be completely wrong; I’ll still proceed and if I have to, also prove that yes, my way was not correct afterall.

I know this annoys almost everyone but let’s just say, I don’t care.

That pretty much sums up my attitude to the entire world; I ultimately don’t care about what others think.

The good news is that I realise this is a pretty dumb way to live. So, I am slowly realising that I actually have to care to be able to basically get along.

In the apocalypse I know I’ll survive by reviving my default attitude of I just don’t care but right now I have to change to survive in this world.

So, I want to care more and so I am working at restoring friendships and trying to develop deeper more meaningful relationships.

As an Aquarius, I know that there are certain people that will take an immediate dislike to me and luckily for me from my side, I will be able to basically overlook this and get along with 99.9% of the people I meet. It’s a gift from the universe to me to you (the greater world).

I’ll love you even when you hate me … which will drive some people to hate me even more … sad but true.

That’s me in a nutshell.

So, I meet some people at my work and we go out to watch the stars and camp over night on the other side of the Blue Mountains. We do this over a number of weekends … over the course of a few months. We’ve probably done this twice and we’ve gone out for drinks and lunches and dinners etc. The three of us.

Over time one of my friends is feeling down and I try to make them feel better and it’s a strange friendship. I’d like to get to know them better and they basically don’t want to.

Things come to a head and I being me decide to be totally honest and run the risk of either making or breaking the friendship. I’m too honest and the friendship busts up when I’m told the friendship should end now. So, I have honoured their request and I no longer communicate with them. This makes me sad. For a number of reasons. I like them still. I can be trusted and I wanted them to know that.

This actually makes me really sad. I don’t know why that is, I’m sure there is a deeper reason but I can’t figure it out right now.

So, I’ve lost a friend and I’m sad about that.

Regarding my old friend who I’ve forgotten why we’re no longer considered friends, well, I make contact with them via Facebook Messenger and we’ve started talking again. We’re going to meet up for a coffee over the next few weeks … we’re both pretty busy otherwise we’d like to meet up sooner.

I’ll let you know more about how this is going but only to the level of detail shown here already … I’d like to put that quote used at the end of movies from the 80s in here about people resembling anyone actually living being a complete coincidence but I can’t remember the actual exact words and it would just miss the mark completely.

A Job Hunting Project Manager – Week 19.8

This old story is now over. A new story begins.

I’ve very recently been offered three jobs over as many days. One was paying an extremely good rate. One was offering a great package and one was offering less pay but the promise of a great match to some core ideas for life and work. It sounds a bit like the three bears story doesn’t it?

So, I took the last role paying less but offering more of a closer match to some personal life ideas. Although this role was actually offered first. The agencies offering the other roles wanted to put me forward for the other roles in case the first offer fell through for whatever reason (hey, it does happen).

Anyway, long story short, I have a new role and I’m loving it so far.

This story will now morph into an on-going journal of an on-going journey.

It’s so weird how job stuff works out. And I’m amazed at how little you can survive on for quite some time. I put everything (mortgage in particular) on hold and just kept on plugging away on job hunting while doing all the fun things I always wanted to do.

For example, my buying that old 35mm camera and taking heaps of photos and learning how to develop them myself or applying for acceptance into the Sydney School of Arts (yay, I got in) or starting to write a book, continuing drawing, recording some songs, starting a pod-casting career (Talk Earth Life), interviewing my mum (for the podcast above). It’s been great fun! I would highly recommend taking time out like this on a regular basis. There is so much trust that can be developed along the way. So much great learning and fun to be had with so much spare time.

It’s incredible how little attachment I have put into work now. Yet, I am more committed and motivated than I can remember. Yes, it may be because of the time out of work but I honestly can’t remember the last time I felt so stress free around work.

One of the other things I’ve picked up is meditation. Only 5 minutes in the morning so far; imagine what the outcomes may be after I build up to 20 minutes per day!

We’ll discuss this in another post.